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Centering on the needs of the customer first by using digital technology in all areas of business, from business model, to customer experiences, to processes, and operations. BL Consulting Group consultants and engineers use best practices in ERP, AI, automation and hybrid cloud technologies for data driven, intelligent decision making and workflows to respond faster to constantly changing market requirements and supply and demand disruptions for maintaining reliable business operations.
We provide full service implementations advising the right approach in project managment, designing your ditigal architecture and using the right tools
Culture and technology is the key for making the most out of new or upgraded technology. We help our customers overcome resistance and improve technology adaptation.
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Digital transformation is among the most complex and beneficial endeavors an organization can take on. Our consultants are trained experts in enabling your organization to choose and implement the right technology, processes, and systems to achieve project excellence.

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Digital Transformation

We develop strategic roadmaps for our customers, advise in identifying the right vendors and plan the implementation from initiation to post-go live support.

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We provide full-service implementation advising the right approach in project management, designing your digital architecture and using the right tools.

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Culture and technology are the key for making the most out of new or upgraded technology. We help our customers overcome resistance and improve technology adaptation.

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We work with team members from diverse functional and technical backgrounds to build a company that fosters innovation and creativity insolving challenges. Get to know our team!

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BL Consulting Group partners with thoughtleads and experts in business and technology to tackle the most important challenges in digital transformation. We capture the most out of smart manufacturing technologies, structures, and processes for the benefit of our customers. We help our customer to make the decisions, and implement durable  foundations that shape countless conditions: cost profile, exposure to risks, workforce requirements, customer targeting, sustainability, and ultimate profitability.


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How important is it to integrate Infor LN into your company?

Find out in the text below the importance of ERP system integration for your company
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What is Infor's CloudSuites all about?

Infor is a leader in cloud ERP solutions and has designed CloudSuites for specific industries. Now, many ERP vendors claim to have an industry focus, but with Infor, you can tell who is in the target audience just by looking at the product name. Their solutions are called Infor CloudSuites Automotive for the automotive industry or Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise for industrial manufacturing, to name just two examples. Although our focus at BLCG is on CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise, we would like to point out that there are tailormade CloudSuite solutions for the service sector, energy and natural resources, distribution, and consumer goods.
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Smooth Transition: Tips for Migrating from Baan to Infor LN

Migrating an ERP system from one platform to another may seem like a daunting task, but it is essential to maintain operational efficiency and competitiveness in a company. Migrating from Baan to Infor LN is a popular choice among many companies, and it is important that the transition is smooth and efficient. As ERP migration specialists, we are here to help simplify the process for you. In this article, we will share some tips and practical solutions for a successful migration.
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