Development & Integration

Enhance your business efficiency with our tailored ERP Development & Integration services for seamless workflow management and data synchronization.

Overview of our Development & Integration Process

Our ERP development and integration services offer a comprehensive solution to streamline your business operations and eliminate data silos. By developing customized ERP applications tailored to your specific needs and integrating them seamlessly with your existing software, we enable real-time data exchange and automated processes. 

At BL Consulting Group, with our experience and expert consultants in ERP development and integration, you can optimize your business processes, increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Services we Offer

Workflow Visualization

Gain a visual representation of your business workflows, facilitating task adjustment and effective communication.

Real-time Data Insights

Access up-to-date and accurate information to make informed decisions and drive business growth

Process Automation

Automate repetitive tasks, such as inventory management and invoice creation, for increased efficiency and accuracy.

Data Centralization

Consolidate data from different applications into a single, unified platform for easy access and analysis.

System Integration

Synchronize data between ERP and other software applications for seamless workflow management.

Custom ERP Development

Tailored ERP applications designed to meet your unique business requirements.

Customized Solution with Tailored ERP Development

When you opt for customized development of an ERP application, you get the advantage of having a solution tailored to your company's specific needs. This means that the ERP applications can be designed to meet the unique processes of your business, offering functionality and features that align perfectly with your operations.

With an in-house developed ERP application, you have full control over the system and can adapt and scale it as your company grows, ensuring a flexible and highly customized solution.

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Automated Communication and Continuous Data Flow with ERP Integration

Integrating ERP applications with other systems and software in your organization brings numerous benefits. By connecting your Infor ERP with tools like CRM, inventory management, and accounting systems, you establish automatic communication, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors. This ensures consistent and accurate data across the enterprise. The integration enables real-time information flow, providing a comprehensive view of operations for strategic decision-making and improved process efficiency. Gain a seamless and up-to-date understanding of your business through ERP integration.

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