What is Infor's CloudSuites all about?

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Infor is a leader in cloud ERP solutionsand has designed CloudSuites for specific industries. Now, many ERP vendorsclaim to have an industry focus, but with Infor, you can tell who is in thetarget audience just by looking at the product name. Their solutions are calledInfor CloudSuites Automotive for the automotive industry or Infor CloudSuiteIndustrial Enterprise for industrial manufacturing, to name just two examples. Althoughour focus at BLCG is on CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise, we would like topoint out that there are tailormade CloudSuite solutions for the servicesector, energy and natural resources, distribution, and consumer goods.

So what is an "industrial CloudSuite”?

It's a full-featured ERP system withintegrated vertical and microvertical capabilities that gives you the strengthsof Infor's core industry-focused ERP plus industry-specific features andstandard processes embedded in the solution.

What does this mean for you? Because thesecloud ERP solutions are more closely aligned with the standard due to theirindustry focus, and thus require fewer configurations, they can be implementedmore quickly, allowing you to realize all the associated benefits much faster,resulting in a return on your investment in less time.

The cloud aspect of CloudSuites

So much for the industry part. Let's takea closer look at the cloud aspect.

InforCloudSuites' infrastructure is based on AmazonWeb Services (AWS). Infor has invested very heavily in a modern multi-tenantarchitecture on the number one cloud platform and has been working with AWS fora decade to optimize applications for this market-leadinginfrastructure. For you, that means a highly stable, secure, andresilient foundation with global reach for CloudSuites.

Infor Operating System (Infor OS), the operating system, is built on top ofthis. This is the common services you need on a digital platform to run your enterprisesoftware. These include capabilities for AI, machine learning, mobility,integration, digital assistance, workflows, and self-service tools that let youbuild your own apps.

Infor's enterprise app platform isindependently recognized as one of the most mature and complete on the market -and it's available to you with CloudSuites.

Next up is enterprise applications,the industry-specific ERP that is at the heart of CloudSuites. It's extremelyrobust, very functional and, as I said, tailored to the needs of specificindustries. Features such as business processes, finance, supply chainmanagement, product lifecycle management and a particularly user-friendlyusability have been designed to get you productive quickly so you can leverageyour competitive advantage.

The industry-specific analyticssolutions embedded in CloudSuites give you a view of your entire businessusing network-based business intelligence, dashboards and reports.

In summary, with an Infor CloudSuitesolution, you can take advantage of all the benefits of a true multi-tenantSaaS enterprise cloud.

Which cloud solution is right for me? Here are a few questions

Cloud is on everyone's lips, but it canalso be confusing. Does it even make much difference whether your solution is atrue multi-tenant cloud architecture, or a single-tenant or on-premisessolution hosted in the cloud?

Well, only you can answer that. But perhaps answering the following questions posed by JonathanSnelgrove, industry principal sales manager at Infor, in a demonstration ofInfor CloudSuite Industrial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ-5Ucg84OU) will help.

-         Does it matter that you get access tomonthly updates that you can activate as needed?

-         Does it matter that you don't have to wait12, 24, 36 months or longer for your company to make the next major upgrade soyou can take advantage of the innovations that are designed to fund yourinvestment and keep you ahead of the competition?

-         Does it matter that your support costscould increase as your current version ages and support becomes more expensivefor your software vendor?

-         Do you want your enterprise solution toprovide you with a digital platform for integration, growth and innovation, notjust an ERP solution?

-         Is it important that you get world-classsecurity, scalability, and resiliency at an affordable price?

If the answer to any of these questions isyes, it matters that your enterprise solution is a true multi-tenant cloud, andyou should definitely talk to us.