Infor Document Management (IDM)

Manage and control your business documents with Infor Document Management (IDM). Streamline document storage, retrieval, collaboration, and workflow automation.

Overview of Infor Document Management (IDM)

Infor Document Management (IDM) is a comprehensive solution for managing and controlling business-relevant documents. With advanced features like centralized storage, efficient collaboration, and workflow automation, IDM empowers organizations to easily organize and access their critical documents. From document capture to intelligent search, IDM simplifies the document lifecycle, making daily work more efficient and productive.

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Services we Offer

Centralized Storage

Secure repository to keep all business documents in one place.

Efficient Collaboration

Real-time sharing and collaboration with team members on important documents.

Workflow Automation

Simplify and expedite document approval and review processes.

Intelligent Search

Quickly locate specific documents using advanced search and customized filters.

Document Capture

Scan and automatically add documents to the system, reducing manual effort.

Version Control

Maintain a complete history of document revisions and changes for better traceability.

Advanced OCR Integration

IDM offers seamless integration with cutting-edge OCR technology to accurately and efficiently capture document information in digital format. This enables reliable data extraction and enhances document search capabilities.

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Customizable Metadata

Define customized attributes for documents, facilitating categorization and search based on your organization's unique requirements. Tailor metadata fields to capture specific information relevant to your business processes, ensuring efficient document management and retrieval.

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