Infor SCM

BLCG provides consulting services for Infor SCM, a powerful supply chain management solution. Our experts help organizations optimize their operations, achieve real-time visibility, data-driven decision-making, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Overview of Infor SCM

Infor SCM is an intelligent supply chain management solution that provides end-to-end coordination of supply chain processes in real time. It empowers businesses to gain visibility and make informed decisions based on real-time data, ensuring optimal customer satisfaction. 

The software encompasses various modules, including planning and demand management, warehouse management, and product lifecycle management, among others, to ensure seamless operations across the supply chain.

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Services we Offer

Planning and Demand Management

Our consultants optimize inventory, service, and performance through collaborative forecasting, business cycle modeling, and optimization of key supply chain variables.

Warehouse Management

Maximize efficiency, and reduce costs. Simplify appointment scheduling, material input, and returns processing, and enable seamless multi-site, multi-owner operations.

Product Lifecycle Management

Experts integrate Infor SCM's PLM software with ERP systems, enhancing decision-making across the product lifecycle with real-time insights and optimization.

Supply Chain Visibility and Control

Enable real-time visibility, matching of supply and demand, alerts for disruptions and opportunities, and collaboration with suppliers for a connected supply chain.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based solutions reduce costs, ensure scalability, enhance security, and offer continuous innovation and updates for an up-to-date system.

Driving Supply Chain Excellence with Infor SCM Consulting

BLCG drives supply chain excellence through Infor SCM Consulting, providing system implementations, integrations, training, and ongoing support. Clients benefit from cost optimization, enhanced visibility, improved productivity, agility, and seamless cloud-based solutions.

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Empowering Your Supply Chain with Infor SCM Consulting

Choose BLCG for value-added consulting services that align with your business goals. Unlock the full potential of Infor SCM and transform your supply chain management. Contact us today for a comprehensive consultation.

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