Infor PLM

Infor PLM is a software that streamlines product lifecycle management, integrating with ERP for real-time data, accelerating time to market, and maximizing profitability.

Overview of Infor PLM

Infor PLM offers a range of powerful features and capabilities to support manufacturers in the discrete, process, or fashion industry. From development and design to management and production, this software leverages data across your organization to drive better decision-making throughout the product lifecycle.

By unifying data and processes, Infor PLM enables you to develop and launch new products faster, ensure global labeling compliance, optimize formulas, and utilize collaborative project management.

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Services we Offer

Effective Collaboration

Robust project management ensures visibility and collaboration, enabling seamless communication among teams from concept to final sign-off.

Automated Labeling

Infor PLM automates accurate labeling, simplifying compliance with country-specific rules, supporting marketing claims, and generating ingredient statements.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with global regulations and monitor formulas to meet complex food industry ingredient statement requirements, staying ahead of customer expectations.

Cost Optimization

ERP integration improves cost visibility, enables margin analysis, and optimizes recipes to lower expenses while preserving product quality.

Streamlined Operations

Streamline product development with integrated applications, validations, and workflows for consistent and efficient processes from ideation to obsolescence.

Accelerate Time to Market and Ensure Compliance

Infor PLM minimizes product development and management time, offering a unified view of data and processes for regulatory compliance. It simplifies meeting reporting and labeling requirements and provides accurate ingredient information. With Infor PLM, you can navigate complex compliance challenges swiftly, ensuring market-ready products.

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Optimize Costs and Streamline Operations

Infor PLM optimizes costs and improves margin opportunities with what-if scenarios. Integrated with ERP, it provides comprehensive cost visibility and streamlines operations. From ideation to obsolescence, Infor PLM ensures efficient product development by integrating applications, validations, and workflows.This collaboration enhancement drives productivity and operational excellence across your organization.

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