BL Consulting Group’s consultants specialize in customized solutions, assisting companies in achieving digital transformation for their specific needs.

Overview of our Digitalization Process

As Infor Global Alliance partners, our team provides specialized consulting and comprehensive ERP solutions for companies using Infor’s LN/CloudSuite products. We optimize processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency using advanced technologies like AI and automation. With a data-focused approach, we improve decision-making and customer experience.

Our end-to-end consulting services cover implementation, data migration, and application management, driving your business to the cloud with innovative solutions.

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Services we Offer

Streamlining Business Operations

Our tailored solution approach optimizes processes, reduces costs, and address industry-specific challenges, ensuring enhanced efficiency for your business.

Leveraging Digital Technologies

Leveraging digital technologies like AI, automation, and hybrid cloud, we transform your business and provide on-demand expertise for a competitive edge.

Making Data-driven Decisions

Our consultants and engineers use data analytics to help you make informed decisions and respond quickly to market demands and disruptions.

Improving Customer Experience

We help you create a seamless and personalized customer experience that drives loyalty and revenue.

Fostering innovation and creativity

Our team of experts comes from diverse backgrounds and collaborates to develop innovative solutions to your business challenges.

Transforming Businesses with Infor and AWS:

As a certified global Infor Alliance Partner, we combine Infor solutions with the power of AWS to provide comprehensive business and technology consulting. Our experienced consultants specialize in maximizing system adoption and delivering rapid implementations. With expertise in on-premise and cloud-based systems, we offer services including consulting, implementation, migration, and maintenance.

By leveraging AWS services, we enable businesses to transform, innovate, and achieve their goals securely and efficiently.

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Global Support and Commitment to Success

We offer global support to ensure uninterrupted business operations across geographical boundaries. Our commitment to your success in digital transformation means we provide the necessary assistance and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

With our support, you can drive your business toward digital success, regardless of your location.

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